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Allergy Home Test Kit

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Find out if your symptoms are allergy-related. Results in 30 minutes.

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Find out if your symptoms are allergy-related.

Results in 30 minutes.

The General Allergy Check will show whether your level of allergy antibodies (IgE) is high or normal. If your result indicates a high level you can then identify your specific allergy using the test for allergy to Cat, Dustmite or Pollen with a hospital-standard test you can do at home.

Imutest Allergy Check® is a safe and accurate.home allergy test to help people with asthma, eczema and other allergy related diseases find out what could be triggering their symptoms. It offers a clinically proven IgE allergy blood test, just like those used in hospital laboratories.

Imutest are the only IgE tests in the world licensed for home use. the General Allergy Check is quick, simple, safe and provides clinically proven results you can rely on. It’s a convenient and reliable way to find out which of the most common allergens you are sensitive to in just 30 minutes in the comfort of your own home. You can test at any time of year and your result is not affected by medication.

If your General Allergy Check shows positive you can then carry out the economical 3-in-1 Airborne Allergy test for the three most common allergies to grass pollen, cat and dustmites.


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