Fancy yourself as a First Aider? Why not take our First Aid quiz and see how good you really are?


What does ABC stand for

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In a First Aid context, this is the order that you deal with an unconscious person once that you have made the area safe.

What blood vessels take blood Away from the heart?

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Arteries take blood Away - 'A' for Arteries and for Away
Veins bring back blood to the heart 'IN' is in the word 'vein'
Capillaries are the small blood vessels where the oxygen leaves the blood and passes across to the body's cells

If you suspect that someone is choking, what should you first do?

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You need to find out whether it is a mild or severe choke before you take any action. The best way of doing this is top ask them 'Are you choking?' Backslaps and abdominal thrusts can cause damage and are not required if the patient is suffering a mild choke.

Which of these IS NOT allowed in a First Aid kit?

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No drugs or medicines are allowed in a First Aid Kit. Scissors and Tweezers are allowed, as is a Burns Dressing if your work environment suggests that you may be at risk from a burn or scald

What does CPR stand for?

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What did the Doctor say to the patient that said he had a lettuce stuck in his ear?

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First Aid Quiz
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