Review – Blood, Sweat and Tea – by Tom Reynolds

The complete Blood, Sweat and Tea
The complete Blood, Sweat and Tea

Blood, Sweat and Tea is a book by an ambulance Technician, Brian Kellett writing under the pseudonym of Tom Reynolds. Since writing the Book he has left the Ambulance Service.

He was part of London Ambulance Service, based in Newham, one of the more deprived areas of London. It started off as a Blog, describing the highs and lows of working as an Ambulance Technician. The Blog had a large readership and this book is a compilation of his stories from that Blog.

It is a very easy read and you get a good feel for life on the road as an ambulance crew member – the long shifts, bad diet and abuse from members of the Public (‘MOPs’). It makes you wonder sometimes whether Natural Selection has skipped a generation. Tom/Brian often finishes each entry with a follow-up note to clarify or to let the reader know about the outcome.

This book is a great holiday read. If you’ve read Adam Kay’s “This is going to hurt” you should also enjoy this and it makes a great little present for anyone that is medically minded or are toying with the idea of joining the Ambulance Service.

He has since written a second Book, which was used for the (currently) one-off series “Sirens” and you can buy them both combined here

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